The ‘Inside Out Beauty’ programme was conceived by Marc Dhalluin (Ideaz2b) and Rose Murdock Performher Academy with a view to making accessible to thousands of woman, the knowledge and ability to act upon the fact that true confidence comes from the inside – not the outside.

The idea was sparked by asking “how can we take the concept of professional coaching beyond 1-on-1 for the benefit of many’? and this in response to insights gathered from groups of women who were regular users of administered beauty therapies and services.

The ‘best you’ is waiting to be exposed. And once found, leads to a new reality where your relationships with everything you’ve ever learned assume proportions that are balanced and complimentary.

The happiest you will ever be is when you are on the journey that’ll expose a sense of reality that suits the real you. Or shall we say that when the real you is discovered your sense of reality will be something that you’ll love and be happy with.

Happiness is the result of the journey toward equilibrium in our lives.

Our reality is shaped by our thoughts (fact) – what we’ve been taught and influenced by, primarily in our formative years. And our thoughts dictate what we feel. Fact.

‘I want to be me, I want to love as me and to be loved as me. How can I find the real me? Is it something so far from where I am now?’
‘I want to live a life true to myself, not one that others expect of me. And I want to have the courage to express my feelings for the benefit of those around me.’
‘I want to be respected for who I am, not what I wear, the car I drive, the jewels I own, or the company society says is ok to keep.’
‘And when I feel this way, I want to be able to share my secrets of personal growth with others. I want to make a difference.

Societal pressure and the media pressure us to belong by looking ‘like’, possessing material things, and being part of circles of business and societal influence. These circles in themselves are predicated on a world dominated by materialism and ‘fitting in’. This is the world of ‘OUTSIDE IN BEAUTY”

McKinsey in 2014 published the 6 key marketing trends of the future. Of the six, 2 related to the self, not the ego but the alter ego or soul:-

Escape. In a world of austerity and grown up responsibility, we are seeing the increasing desire to let go, to let loose and indulge in childlike freedom or sheer hedonistic joy.
Mindfulness. In a world full of buzz and surface interactions, people are seeking more depth and meaning. They are craving time away from the stimulus of the internet, making their leisure time more about self-development, and taking their own ethical responsibilities seriously.

The result: the Inside Out Beauty Programme is a multi-part programme available through public and corporate seminars delivered by Rose and Performher Academy Find your best self – beauty from the inside out.

It provides women with knowledge of their inner power and how to access it.