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                           a branded approach to business : brand = metonym for business

                                transformer and driver for challenger and leading brands

                                                   (see: Why I have a personal website)

Open for business. Open to life.

Leading brands are led by discovering the art of the possible, and not by aspiring to those who’ve been there.

Quite likely, you are looking for someone who is averse to hype and ticking boxes as ‘proof’ of effort.

A person who can help you address opportunity and never sweep anything under the carpet.

You surely agree that ‘brand’ is a metonym for business, its products, and customer processes.

Reality should analyse the status quo: it keeps the best, discard the negatives, and challenges it for change.

You can rely on me to provide insight into the art of the possible.

To guide brand health, current and future demand generation with the correct balance of analytical and emotional intelligence.

Previous employers have used me to establish, nurture to maturity, turn around, transform, and rescue major brands – attracting over $500 million in revenues and 35 million customers annually.

Can you picture what this entails? Objectives, Goals, Teams, Motivation, Strategy, Planning, Execution, Measuring, Perfecting, Re-inventing, Training, Motivating again. Without the Fuzz. Clear and Focused.

They have had me lead and manage 11 marketing teams on two continents. And they have seen their people and brands blossom with capability.

Hire me and you hire a person who prefers to be in the company of open minds with something to share. By inspiring and growing others, I have inspired and grown myself, developing into a person who can help you enjoy the most rewarding experiences – a person on whom you can count to deliver great business and personal results.

As a business and marketing leader, I unearth and maximise opportunities, showing others how to do the same – through mentoring and personal coaching.

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Hire me to do the same for your brands.

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