Mike Freedman
Partner at Freedthinkers
As well as having all the skills of an experienced & savvy marketer, Marc has the rare ability to see beyond what is to what could be, taking bold leaps of the imagination. He’ll then test his thinking with a keen appreciation for the art of the possible. Working with Marc is stimulating & rewarding.

Neil Jacobsohn
Strategy practitioner, presenter and facilitator
I worked for some years with Marc in two environments; firstly when he ran a digital business for me at the Times Media Group, and secondly when he played a senior marketing role in the Times Media advertising team. In both situations Marc proved to be intelligent, inventive and creative in his insights, and hard-working and results-driven in his output. He is a highly skilled marketing and business executive, capable of seeing the big picture and of filling a broad general management role, in marketing and beyond.

Rose Murdock
Founder of Performher Academy
Marc is probably the best, most intellectually challenging client experienced in my years at Ogilvy.The relationship with our Agency was forged on integrity, professionalism and the principle of partnership.
Marc is a really good Marketeer. Both a strategic and creative thinker and sets the bar high. He boldly challenges the status quo in pursuit of innovative solutions and has the ability to evaluate both sides fairly and logically applying cogent thinking
He is committed, focused and results orientated. His depth of marketing experience and strategic thinking together with his tangible energy will be highly valuable to any role he chooses to take on and he will be a valuable asset to any corporate he chooses to join in the future.

John Small
Chairman and CEO at Tapestry Resorts, Vice Chairman at LaTour Hotels and Resorts and Chairman at ResortCom International
Marc is a highly talented and creative individual. He was easy to work with, and when committing to get things done, or to complete all of his mutually agreed tasks, he regularly delivered on time and exceeded expectations.
Marc was a pleasure to work with, and was a consumate professional. I really enjoyed the working relationship, and the personal friendship that evolved.
His quick wit, and insightful perspectives made working with him not only fun, but highly rewarding. If I had an opportunity to bring him into our current organization, I would certainly do so.

Please feel free to call or contact me at any time at or on my office line at 1 619 683 2470 x 1501. It would be a pleasure to talk to any interested employer on his behalf!

John E. Small
ResortCom International
404 Camino del Rio South, Fourth Floor
San Diego, Ca 921108less

Danielle Timmins
National Head of Data Planning & Analytics
Marc is a strategic and conceptual thinker who understands the importance of identifying and understanding (consumer) barriers before coming up with solutions; the fact that the digital landscape has changed the world of marketing forever; and a person who acknowledges the need for a strong brand strategy. Great energy, results driven with a natural inclination to constantly challenge himself and those around him, thus keeping everyone on their toes – in a constructive way. In short: it’s been a pleasure working with Marc!

Tamra Capstick-Dale
Managing Director at Corporate Image (Pty) Ltd
I’ve known and worked with Marc for some ten years in his role at Sun International. Marc is blessed not only with a particularly insightful understanding of brands and how they work, but also with an irrepressible energy and enthusiasm for what he does. There never seemed to be a challenge too large or too daunting for him, which along with an easy smile, always made Marc a pleasure to deal with. I was fortunate to have a constructive, productive and warm relationship with Marc, as did my staff. His experience and charm were a wonderful combination.

William Reyneke
When savvy instinct and superb skill merge, you find a unique individual, capable of delivering exceptional results. This is the case with Marc, an über marketer that I’ve had the pleasure of working with for many years. Without fail he demonstrated a truly distinctive gift for transforming the creative imaginative to a practical and highly successful result. Every single time, on time, results guaranteed. The ultimate professional. His remarkable talent for seeing the wood from the trees became legendary. His enthusiasm is infectious and he relishes a good challenge which he inevitably tackles head-on and with flair. Call him gifted, sharp, intelligent, a brilliant communicator, inspiring, result orientated – he fits every bill and more. If results speak louder than words, there would be deafening accolades following him.

Helena Gavera
General Manager at Cedar SA
I was the first publisher at New Media Publishing working on Prive magazine for Sun International. Marc was my client and what an amazing client to have! I learnt so much from Marc in those days – about the Sun International brand, about gaming in SA, about marketing and the positioning of Prive as the flagship marketing tool for SI. I fondly remember the marketing conferences at SI where the magazine publisher could show reader research and enthuse about how the magazine engages customers. I would gladly work with Marc again and can absolutely recommend him as a leader in marketing.

Startup Direct
Deniz Turan
Chief Caffeine Officer
I had privilege working with Marc as my mentor at Caffeine Bank. Marc is an inspiring leader, visionary thinker and exceptionally great person to work with. He truly reflects a passion for helping others find and create their own success. He has been a great source for knowledge and advice when it was time for us to create our brand values, company vision and marketing strategies.

It has been more than a pleasure being able to work with and learn from Marc. He’s a top talent and I look forward to continuing to learn from him!less

February 7, 2016, Deniz worked indirectly for Marc at Startup Direct

Rob Becker
Chief Executive Officer at Novodomus Holdings
I had the privilege of working with Marc for 8 years at Sun International. He is a seasoned marketing executive and has always conducted himself in a considered and professional manner.
Marc spearheaded the launch and marketing of our new business in Santiago, Chile and his strategic insights and creative talents contributed significantly to the success of this business in a highly competitive environment.

Santiago Salvestrini

Gerente de Marketing Corporativo at Enjoy S.A.
I worked with Marc for the last 5 years. He was my direct report in Head Office for all marketing initiative and strategies. He always was willing to share his wide knowledge regarding to advertising and gaming industry, and being an extremely focused professional, working under his leadership was easy and very productive. Marc’s vision leads us in great and different ways to build our brand, always keeping in mind the commercial focus. Is very passionate about life in general, and driven by results without loose the human touch. He’s great empathetic personality make him a real team player and more important a leader with the ability to share a vision which the team will follow and deliver on it.

Debra Clausen
Marketing Director: Power Brands at Distell
Marc was a client I will never forget. He always provided absolute clarity in terms of the consumer and business challenge and gave clear inspirational briefs. Marc has a strong leadership style, but has great patience and compassion for people he is leading. He made every member of the team feel valued whilst pushing us to deliver excellence in every pursuit. There is no “average” with Marc – this is because he inspires those he works with to want to give him excellence. He also has a wicked sense of humour which is always an added benefit.

Mike Abel
Chief Executive Partner at M&C SAATCHI ABEL, South Africa
I worked closely with Marc from 2001-2008 whislt he was the Senior Marketing Lead at Sun International Gaming and I was running the ad agency.
I always found Marc to be very smart, considered and engaged. He likes big ideas, challenging the status quo and finding a very differentiated and powerful positioning for his properties, brands and assets.
We worked closely on launching and handling communications for the Boardwalk Casino, Flamingo, Windmill, Grand West & Golden Valley. In all instances I found Marc to be a very sound and precise marketer ensuring all the preconditions to success were in place prior to launch. We also worked very closely on the Charlize Theron brand campaign.
He likes brave thinking that creates the opportunity for reappraisal and fresh consideration.
Marc is also au fait with non traditional media and is extremely comfortable working through the line and within the experiential and activation space.less

John Little
Regional Managing Partner Africa & Middle East, Roth Observatory International
I have known Marc for many years and consider him to be an intelligent and insightful marketer who is also very comfortable in the creative communications space. He has entrepreneurial flair but is equally effective in a corporate environment. He has competitive drive combined with a positive energy. A good man to have on your team.

John Charter
Partner at Human Elephant Foundation
Marc is a seasoned professional with great ability in the marketing and overall management areas.He has a great understanding of branding and communication generally. He is articulate, thorough and committed and would be an asset to any Company he would work at.

Adrian Funkey
Gaming, leisure and energy specialist
Marc is an intelligent and innovative marketing expert with specialist skills in the gambling industry. He has an intimate understanding of what makes customers tick and over many years he has fine tuned a highly effective approach to optimising the gambling Rand. It was a pleasure to have worked with Marc over a long period while I was at Sun International.

Nicola Botha
Regional Marketing Manager | GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World and Golden Valley Casino
I worked with Marc at Sun International over a period of 13 years. He is an exceptional leader with vast gaming, marketing and brand experience. He is strategically minded and results driven – always going the extra mile to meet the organisational goals. Marc manages his subordinates with trust, belief and integrity. It truly was a pleasure working with such an energetic and hands on individual.

David Blyth
CEO Yellowwood Future Architects
Marc has been a client of mine for many years. Apart from his incredible knowledge of the hospitality and leisure industry, Marc is a passionate and motivated person who really cares about results. His enthusiasm for achieving business success through marketing is explicit and direct and while he is very objective, firm and fair in his management style, he also has a keen sense of humour!
I would not hesitate recommending Marc as an executive professional with great values, loyalty and fortitude.

Charles Hiten
Chief Executive – Merkur Gaming Americas
Marc was instrumental in the establishment of the Monticello Grand Casino & Entertainment World brand and making it a household name in Chile in a very short space of time. His professional insight, sage advice, and his engaging personality make Marc a valued member of any team. It is without hesitation that I recommend Marc.

Raymond Duxbury
Chairman at Northpoint (Pty) Ltd
Marc is a personable manager who interacts easily with other people. He is a team player who enjoys the challenges and opportunities involved in marketing big corporations. I found it a pleasure to work with him and to learn from his knowledge of social and corporate responsibility, as well as his sensitivity to the political and social issues of the day.

Donald Recsei
Director at Actionmandirect
Marc has unique strategic marketing vision. In various roles he has demonstrated deep insight to tap into the consumer mind and profit opportunities for corporate organisations.
Marc has a proven ability to select dynamic profit imperatives and get his team to translate these into bottom line results.

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