An eco-friendly, green language. With Universal appeal

I was inspired by a design I found on a t-shirt in Thailand.

original tree shirt

Many commented on it, especially younger people. From asking why a tree was being painted, to what happened to the tree, and who did it?



rainintheclouds  Or why the man was reigning in the cloud, where did he want it to go? What was special about the cloud?

So together with my friends Alfonso and Francesca de Chaud of poly[nation] poly nation, set out to create a portfolio of images that’d one day be used in education.

These would reflect the emptiness without man’s efforts and the fruits of his awareness.

Thus, our efforts help the tree to bud; regeneration enabled when we make an effort. All can. And it’s easy.

We’re gathering relevant topics from around the world that need attention:

sharks hunted for their fins
seals clubbed for their fur
whales hunted when there are perfect substitutes for what they provide
rhinos and elephants poached for their horn (aphrodisiac) and ivory (decoration) respectively
destruction of the habitat of the Macaws in the Peruvian Amazon through deforestation
poaching of abalone (perlemoen) for eastern ‘medicinal ‘beliefs
rape of the Patagonian Tooth fish – taste of the greedy
the destruction of bees and their environment 
the island of trash in the Pacific
the debris accumulating in space

We’re aiming to compile a portfolio of graphics depicting universal environmental issues. These graphics will be distributed through education systems; they’ll encourage awareness and participation.

One day, globally.