Dear CEO

Here’s how you can benefit with me as your Chief Marketing or Chief Customer Officer.

At the outset, forgive the presumptuousness in this letter.

I wish to demonstrate why previous employers entrusted me with their most valuable assets: to grow their value in competitive environments thereby generating over $500m in revenues and influencing the experience of 35 million customers annually. Why they asked me to lead teams across continents, seeing in the process their brands and people blossom with opportunity.

Through my knowing the modern often cross cultural business environment they trusted me to get the job done. And keep doing it well.

You’re charged with keeping abreast of dizzying changes. Some of the information you need for decision-making is incomplete because competitors and history now have less relevance as guides. You’re having to look around corners.

Making decisions, often quickly, in a chaotic environment you may even be wondering whether you’re the visionary you’d like to be. It’s a way of reaffirming the strategy you’ve adopted, and testing yourself.

That chaos presents more threats, more opportunities than ever before. You need to see ahead of the trends. For long-term and tactical gain.

Your major concerns are talent, marketing, process, risk, capital and regulation.

Talent attraction and retention demands new thinking: cross-generational workforces require rallying with their widespread personal goals, work- and lifestyles.

Technology demands that business understands people better as it’s deployed for seamless and personalised engagement. It’s indispensable in understanding the ‘new’ consumer. ‘New,’ because the revolution has only just begun. Ironically, the use of technology has led to dis-intermediation, less human interaction with many businesses losing their human touch. A fine balancing act is needed.

You know this: the power of the new consumer makes yesterday’s ‘customer-centricity’ passé. The consumer journey and their purchase decision making behaviour is complex, but manageable. Technology today, and the advances we don’t yet know about, are changing what your customers value. They’re more demanding and specific, they’re getting used to personalisation and taking centre stage.  (We’re right now learning about Virtual Reality, the Internet of Things, smarter algorithms giving rise to Artificial Intelligence.)

Never before have consumers warranted the kind of attention they demand today.

Let me proffer a point of tension: businesses are becoming marketing-centric, businesses will harness and organise talent around purpose, and the customer will occupy centre stage with your CMO / CCO owning the end-to-end customer journey on behalf of the organisation. I ask myself: what customer-centric insight can we use to organise, not only our brands, but also our complete business around? I know the answer lies somewhere within purpose.

I have led teams of cross-functional experts to deliver exceptional results. I produce through applied and focused strategy, orchestrating driven talent arranged in collaborative structures.

I am someone who will gain your trust, keeping you and your fellow executives on top of market developments. I will keep you appraised of the obvious and the not so obvious. I am one who sees emerging customers’ needs and understands people like never before. We may know what we do and how we do it…..but is this enough? No, it isn’t. The battleground for the hearts and minds of consumers has been changing for a while. I will plot a strategic and agile course for your business to meet market needs and the pitfalls of passing and structural demands.

Technology enables marketers like me to think again. It will make us re-examine what value is and search for latent needs.

What is it the market wants without knowing it? Market leadership depends on discovering those wants and providing for them with products and services that have yet to be seen. Insight through data, research and intuition combined with creativity will show us the way.

Innovation and reappraisal have not often been centre stage. Now they have to be.

Your CMO must lead and inspire generalists and specialists, must know how to build cathedrals rather than gathering piles of stone for huts.IMG_0810

I appreciate the importance of having a single view of the brand’s customers across all touch-points, thereby owning the end-to-end customer experience. Otherwise, the business will be left behind.

I see through market as well as tech vendor noise and make relevant, fact-based and intuitive decisions.

I touched on ‘purpose’ as it is leads to cultural relevance – upon which brand equity is dependant. Purpose helps make sense of chaos. It organises beliefs and connects deeply.

No longer can we wait for customers to come to our brands; they love us when we give them beautiful products, services and experiences. We need to drive customer advocacy. 

Getting ready for what’s to come requires new skills, culture and cross-divisional collaboration. Organisational structures will of necessity be changing, just as roles and responsibilities will.

The business and particularly the marketing environment of today require very human qualities to succeed. Soft skills with the ability to adapt to change.

Hire me and you hire a person who prefers to be in the company of open minds with something to share. By inspiring and growing others, I have inspired and grown myself. Now I can help you enjoy the most rewarding experiences. I am a person on whom you can count to deliver great business and personal results.

As a business and marketing leader, I unearth and maximise opportunities, showing others how to do the same – through mentoring and personal coaching.

Hire me to make your brands magic.

Marc Dhalluin

44 751 845 9087